Executive Reporting: Tips to Completing Your Yearly Report

Almost 10 months already? Before we know it, the Safeguards Rule will be one-year-old! While this isn’t the birthday any of us are particularly excited to celebrate, here’s a quick breakdown on Executive Reporting to help you prepare for your annual report, if you haven’t done so yet.

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Cyber Insurance 101

What is cyber insurance? And why does your dealership need it? To have the best program possible, your dealership should have: a strong IT foundation, followed by an up-to-date, monitored cybersecurity program, clearly followed and maintained compliance standards, and cyber insurance. You can’t have one without the other.

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New Compliance Portal Features You Won’t Want to Miss

What if you could see, track, and maintain compliance and security in the same place? What if you never missed a Safeguards deadline again? You’re not dreaming, we’ve made changes to our Compliance Portal that make tracking and maintenance smoother than ever.

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Tame the Tiger with Proton at NADA

NADA is just around the corner! The average increase in cyber insurance premiums has soared to over 250 percent in the last few years. In the session, you’ll learn how you can evaluate risk, protect your dealership, and ensure you qualify for the lowest possible premiums. So why not stop by and see how you can save some money?

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What have we learned? Tips from a QI for a QI

While it’s completely understandable that change is difficult – especially if you’ve been doing something the same way for years – it’s important to make the right decisions for your customers and employees. Cyber criminals won’t wait on your security readiness, so it’s best to embrace the change in the short-term for better long-term results.

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