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Byte by Proton

Byte size news for the busy dealership, this is the Byte blog by Proton.

New Compliance Portal Features You Won’t Want to Miss

February 26th, 2024|Tags: |

What if you could see, track, and maintain compliance and security in the same place? What if you never missed a Safeguards deadline again? You’re not dreaming, we’ve made changes to our Compliance Portal that make tracking and maintenance smoother than ever.

NADA Recap: Combat Cyber Insurance Prices

February 26th, 2024|Tags: , |

Cyber insurance prices have been growing at an alarming rate. You may have experienced premium increases of 250 percent or more compared to a few years ago. We'll guide you through what is driving the crazy increases, how to become a “good risk”, and setting up a business for the lowest premiums.

Tame the Tiger with Proton at NADA

January 29th, 2024|Tags: , |

NADA is just around the corner! The average increase in cyber insurance premiums has soared to over 250 percent in the last few years. In the session, you’ll learn how you can evaluate risk, protect your dealership, and ensure you qualify for the lowest possible premiums. So why not stop by and see how you can save some money?

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