FTC Safeguards Rule Compliance Deadline is 6/9/23

Don’t let this date sneak up on you. Good cybersecurity practices take time to build and implement.

As cybercriminals continue to advance their techniques and technologies, it’s important you stay one step ahead. The updated FTC Safeguards Rule amendments outline new criteria your dealership must put in place to help protect consumer data from possible cyber threats. The good news is you don’t have to meet these requirements alone. For many of them, you’re able to team up with a cybersecurity expert, like Proton Dealership IT, to help fulfill them.

Compliance Services Working For You

Many of the new amendments require a variety of policies and reports you need to ensure your cybersecurity program is up-to-date, formalized, and documented. That’s where we can help.

The Proton Difference

We are IT and security experts first. That has uniquely positioned us to build robust and practical compliance tools based on sound cybersecurity principals. Our compliance program is built around real-world, practical, actionable solutions. You’ll be able to have a clearer understanding of your cybersecurity maturity and compliance standing, and be able to work with our experts to put together improvements to help keep your dealership security on an ongoing basis.

Start with a Free Consultation

The FTC Safeguards Rule compliance deadline is June 9, 2023. Don’t wait to get your new policies and programs in place.

It all starts with a complimentary consultation with one of our compliance experts. Together, we’ll discuss the FTC requirements, the ones your dealership is currently meeting, and what we can do to help fill in the gaps.

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