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Your team does an excellent job supporting your customers, but who is supporting your team? Who’s helping ensure your network is up and running and all your devices are connected and working properly? It can be costly to employ your own IT department and support team, especially in today’s world of never-ending hardware and software. With our IT Management offering, we provide IT support that can serve as a replacement for or an extension of your internal team to help ensure your dealership operates smoothly from open to close.

Network Management

Our network operations center monitors all your network hardware for alerts and outages. When we detect slowness or outages, we take action to restore performance ASAP. Our team works to make sure your team can work.

Remote Helpdesk

Our help desk will serve as the first point of contact when your employees need technical assistance. We will perform remote troubleshooting diagnosis and determine the best solution. All of our help desk technicians are highly qualified US-based employees knowledgeable in automotive dealership systems.

Email Services

Email is a core tool for your dealership, and it’s important it runs well and is secure. With our service, we can help you move to a modern, secure, and reliable email provider such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, protect your accounts with secure authentication, and filter out malicious messages.

Computer, Server, and Hardware Services

Keeping your servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, and so many other items running well and up to date on patches is a full time job. Our in-house (not outsourced), field-support team makes system maintenance, and server consolidate/migration, easy on you, so you can get the most out of your existing investments.

Voice and Telephone Systems

Your phone line is potentially the most important way customers contact your dealership. Don’t leave that connection to chance. We can help you ensure your dealership is running on a modern, cost-effective voice platform, with features that support the critical functions of your business. We will also update and manage the voice system to ensure consistent performance.

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