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If this is not your day in, day out job, it can be hard to understand and grasp the full scope of IT, cybersecurity and compliance. Check out these resources for more information.

Fixed Ops Roundtable: How to Defend Your Dealership From Cyberattacks

We join Ted Ings and a panel of dealers to discuss their cyberattack experiences and what dealerships can do to defend their stores from something similar happening.

Safeguards and Security Q&A

A panel of IT and cybersecurity experts share their insight on best practices for dealerships, the real impact of cyber in automotive, and a review of the FTC amendments with council from NADA.

Safeguarding Your Dealership

Brad Holton, joined the Connected podcast to discuss the top 3 cybersecurity concerns for dealerships, the FTC Safeguards Rule, and how Proton can help.

Timeline of a Cyberattack

Dive into a real-world dealership cyberattack, how it penetrated their network, and how Proton helped them recover.

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Cybercrime in Automotive… What You Need to Know

Think about all the consumer data your dealership collects… names, phone numbers, addresses, work details, salary, social security numbers; financial details about their vehicle purchase; and even credit card information from service. The list goes on and [...]

By |November 16th, 2022|

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