See How the Security Operations Center Protects You

Modern technology is needed to protect from modern threats

Our new Security Operations Center provides our team with the best clarity, enabling us to not only detect threats as they arise but provide the best incident response in the automotive market.

Proton recognizes a breach in your cybersecurity is one of the top risks to your business. We’re bringing monitoring and quick response to a whole new level.

We’re more than just a cool room…

What is a SOC?

The purpose of a Security Operations Center is to create a hub to continuously monitor your business’s security activity. Threats thrive on their ability to emerge from diverse sources. Having an internal SOC allows for those threats to be detected, analyzed, and dealt with in the timeliest manner possible. Enhanced visibility for us equals enhanced security for you.

Reynolds and Reynolds Security Operations Center

24/7 Cyber Security Monitoring

Our reconnaissance platform has eyes on your dealership infrastructure and cyber assets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We detect and react to malicious attacks so you can focus on selling cars.

Threat Detection

Our team combs through all the signals of cyber threats, then detects false positives from real concerns. We are then able to sort threats by severity and act fast, all in one place.

Incident Response

From inside the SOC we can; investigate root causes, disconnect compromised endpoints from your network, delete infected files, and run antivirus software. Our strategy is to contain, eradicate, and recover as quickly as possible.

Cutting edge technology and highly trained experts are the secret sauce to strong cybersecurity.

Are you ready to experience what the SOC can do for you?

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