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IT Support

Ransomware, your time is up!

Find out why over 500 rooftops, Southeast Toyota, and Cox Automotive trust Proton to handle Cyber Security and IT Support.

Proton Dealership IT provides a fully outsourced IT department and Cyber Security Operations center tailored specifically to automotive retail. Our dealership specific experience gives us a unique insight that enables us to introduce and manage the most effective and secure IT systems for your dealership.


What do we do? Everything your dealership needs!

Proton provides a full outsourced IT Department, Security Operations Center, Remote Helpdesk, and On-site Support team to keep your dealership operating smoothly and efficiently.

Manage Your Dealership

  • Network Management
  • Server and Hardware Services
  • Voice and Telephone Systems
  • Vendor Management
  • Remote Employee Management

Grow Your Dealership

  • DMS and CRM Support
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Software and Desktop Support
  • Buy/Sell Management
  • Technology Consulting

Secure Your Dealership

  • Cyber Security Platform
  • Managed Detection System
  • Email Security
  • Network Hardening
  • Penetration Testing

“The Proton Team has been excellent to work with, always going above and beyond when needed.”

Greg York
Vann York Auto Group

“We are glad we chose Proton and strongly recommend them to anyone in the dealership space.”

Michael Alford
Marine Chevrolet Cadillac

“Proton has given us world class service at a fraction of the cost of our former IT support.”

Steve Middlebrooks
Heyward Allen Auto Group

Cyber Security Monitoring

Proton delivers an industry specific cyber threat protection platform. Our dedicated analysts work as an extension of your in-house team to understand your dealership and proactively respond to threats as they occur.

Managed Detection and Response

Our Managed Detection and Response System(MDR) is an advanced managed security service that provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response coupled with dedicated security analysts.

Penetration Testing

Proton quickly discovers vulnerabilities in your dealership network infrastructure. Our security team provides a powerful network hardening plan based on real-time data.

Employee Security Awareness Training

Send automated phishing simulations to your employees and provide training to those who click. Equip your employees with a solid understanding of phishing, ransomware and more while giving them the ability to recognize and respond to cyber threats.

Remote Helpdesk

Our help desk will serve as the first point of contact when your employees need technical assistance. We will perform remote troubleshooting diagnosis and determine the best solution. All of our help desk technicians are highly qualified US-based employees knowledgeable in automotive dealership systems.

Network Management

Our network operations center monitors all your network hardware for alerts and outages. When we detect slowness or outages, we take action to restore performance ASAP. Our team works to make sure your team can work.

24/7 Cyber Security Monitoring

Our reconnaissance platform has eyes on your dealership infrastructure and cyber assets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We detect and react to malicious attacks so you can focus on selling cars.


Together in your 20-minute free consultation, we’ll:

  • Discuss your current IT posture and goals
  • Review tactics you could implement today to improve your overall results
  • Discuss how Proton Dealership IT may be able to help or point you to valuable tools and resources

In order to effectively review your dealership and IT challenges prior to the call, please tell us a bit about you first.

Then, take advantage of our online calendar to book a convenient meeting time that works for you!