Cybersecurity Designed with Automotive In Mind

You are focused on selling and servicing vehicles, providing a great customer experience, and ensuring your employees are able to work efficiently. That’s the business. Protecting the network and infrastructure used to make it all happen isn’t always top of mind. But in order to protect your most important asset, your data and your reputation, you need to implement a comprehensive cybersecurity program that protects your dealership from crippling cyber threats.

How do we help you do this?

It all starts with active monitoring and threat detection. We have a highly skilled Security Operations Center team that monitors all our clients 24/7/365 to detect and respond to potential threats using the various tools below.

Is your dealership experiencing a cyberattack?

Protecting your dealership from cyber-crime is a 24/7/365 job that requires advanced security measures, as well as, trained and diligent employees that can help mitigate your risk. Cyber criminals use sophisticated technologies that change rapidly. Keeping up with these is challenging, if security is not your core business. If you find yourself in the middle of a cyber-incident or cyberattack, we have an expert Incident Response team that can help you.

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Timeline of a Cyberattack

Download this timeline for a look into a real-life cyber attack, how their network was infiltrated, and how Proton stepped in to help them recover.

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