Hosted VoIP

Our cloud-based phone system gives your dealership a professional boost. Enjoy our suite of Hosted VoIP features, including unlimited voicemail boxes, auto attendants, and local and long-distance.

Key concepts behind a hosted service:

  • Your provider “hosts” or operates your telephone system
  • The system works with your existing telephone service, or completely replaces it
  • Operates on many devices, including mobile phones, desk phones, and landlines

Complete with a full suite of features and a price everyone will love, Hosted VoIP easily scales to meet the needs of any dealership. We offer dealerships with multiple locations the ability to operate under one umbrella. As a result, our clients and partners enjoy increased productivity and reduced resource requirements.

All of the features you need to succeed

For one all-inclusive price you will enjoy features such as:

  • Auto-Attendants
  • Call Analytics
  • Call Queues
  • Call Recording
  • Conference Bridge
  • Custom Greetings
  • Fax to Email
  • Music on Hold
  • Ring Groups
  • Desktop Integration
  • Time-Based Routing
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Virtual Fax
  • Voicemail to Email

What equipment or service can I use?

Let us go over a few of the ways that hosted systems can be used to replace your current telephone service or work in conjunction with it.

Keep your existing landlines

You might choose to keep your existing telephone lines and have calls forwarded from the hosted service to these telephone lines. For instance when someone calls the “sales” department, the hosted service could simultaneously call Bob and Anne’s traditional telephone lines. This implementation may not be ideal as it generally means that the total cost of your phone solution is higher, because you have to pay for the hosted service and the traditional telephone lines.

Use mobile telephones

Calls from the hosted service can be forwarded to your cell phone and many hosted services allow you to choose to send a caller to voicemail or transfer the call to another extension (which might be another cell phone).

Use VoIP

Some hosted services are bundled with VoIP service. This is usually the optimal solution as it eliminates the need to have a telephone line with your local telephone carrier to make and receive calls. You can choose to use multi-line digital office telephones that plug directly into your internet connection. Typically there is also an option for using softphones, which are computer programs that simulate a business telephone, on your desktop so you can make and receive calls using a USB headset.

Use smartphone apps

Smartphones allow companies to better integrate mobile employees into the company’s service. Apps such as Bria for iPhone or Android are relatively new developments in the industry, and allow employees’ smartphones to behave in the same manner as desk phones in the dealership. Smartphone apps can work well for mobile users while employees in the dealership’s physical location can use VoIP desk phones. The two approaches complement each other and can be easily used in conjunction.