Connect whenever, wherever, however, you choose

Today’s workforce requires a complete communications solution that lets them interact with ease in a multitude of ways. From software platforms to instant messaging to phone systems and conferencing, we help you modernize communication to meet the growing needs of your dealership across department and location. VoIP provides dealerships with robust features above and beyond the traditional landline phone
services. Seamless communication ensures your operation-critical resources are always up and running.


Reduced Costs

Per-user fees are easy to budget, with no capital outlays, repairs, or upgrades. Per-user fees provide month-to-month consistency and clarify expansion

Improved Scalability

By tapping into Internet lines, new facilities and remote
workstations are active with a click. Shared network capacity over a single IP
connection reduces conferencing costs.

Better IT Efficiency

You’ve got better things to do than troubleshoot phone
problems. Proton VoIP takes over your voice administrative tasks. Phone access
through Internet feeds mean anytime, anywhere access with a click.

Improved Business Continuity

A remote data center means your voice network has built-in backup and recovery capabilities backed by round-the-clock certified
technical support.

When you empower your workforce, you empower your dealership

For many dealerships, the tough decision isn’t using VoIP—it’s whether or not to have it on-premises or hosted. Proton can help you navigate the complex waters of VoIP to assess your needs and choose the right approach for your dealership. We specialize in crafting secure, flexible, efficient, and highly responsive workplace environments that adapt to change and empower your workforce to do incredible things.


Located at your site, an on-premises VoIP system provides the most control for your telecommunications needs and the monthly cost is often less than a hosted solution. In an on-premises VoIP environment, all of the telecommunication features can be available from the start or added as you need them. If your dealership wants to maintain control of its telecommunications infrastructure, an on-premises VoIP solution can be a sound choice.

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In a hosted VoIP environment, the only tangible equipment your dealership invests in are the phones. The provider is responsible for delivering service to all of the devices, including those in remote locations – one of the distinguishing factors between on-premises and hosted VoIP. Because hosted VoIP lives in the cloud, the investment in hardware and software, including maintenance, is taken care of by the service provider instead of you.

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