We provide expert supplemental support and troubleshooting for your dealership.

Do you expect your IT administrator to handle daily computer issues as well as maintain your servers and network? If so, you’re not alone. Countless dealerships like yours have tried to adopt this strategy in a noble attempt to keep costs down. However, what they have discovered, and what you may not have considered, is that you just might be setting your dealership up for some serious IT downtime that will negatively impact your bottom line. But you can safeguard against this with dedicated help desk and remote support.

Proton support technicians…

Answer the Telephone

It seems simple enough on the surface. But the kind of premier help desk support you receive from Proton begins the minute you place a support call or submit a support ticket. It’s what our customers demand and what we deliver.

Carefully Read the Ticket

Nothing is more frustrating than to have to repeat the details of the support issue to the help desk technician. Proton support techs carefully read your support ticket and ask only the questions needed to isolate and resolve the problem.

Clarify the Direction Taken

Proton support techs will clearly explain the courses of action to take to troubleshoot and isolate your issue. We won’t give you the run-around or speak in terms so “techy” that you’d have to be an IT tech yourself to understand.

Know When to Escalate

Proton support techs will not let pride come before a speedy resolution. While each technician aims to solve your IT problem remotely, it occasionally requires escalation. Our objective is to support you and we will provide on-site technicians when on-site presence is required.

Take Ownership

Proton support techs take ownership of your ticket. If a solution is not quickly achieved, we will stay on it until the problem is fixed according to the best possible solution while keeping you updated in the process.

Schedule Follow-Up

During the course of investigating the more complex IT support issues, we will oftentimes have to follow up with you. When this occurs, we will keep our word and call or email you back when we said we would.

Think you’re immune? Think again.

Even dealerships with 20 or fewer networked computers
typically experience 50 or more IT issues each and every a month.

Many will deal with significantly more issues. While daily computer problems are usually minor — Dave can’t log in, Mary can’t find the files she saved yesterday, Paul can’t see the network printer — expecting one person to handle them all with efficiency and a smile may be asking a bit too much.

With a full-time IT department, you don’t have to worry about whether your servers have the latest patch installed. And, you know that a full blown network failure is unlikely because we meticulously monitor the system.

No hidden fees

Proton offers unlimited help desk and remote support for a flat monthly rate that’s based on your needs.

That’s right, you get friendly, professional support for all of those pop-up computer questions and issues employees have on a daily basis.

Using Proton’s expert support techs to supplement or replace your in-house IT services benefits you and your bottom line by:

  • Keeping employees happy and productive
  • Enabling quick resolutions to unanticipated desktop issues
  • Stopping any systemwide downtime before it even begins
  • Accessing a specific desktop, laptop, or server
  • Managing files
  • Updating server software
  • Running diagnostic and maintenance programs
  • Training end users on new software and protocols

We focus on your needs, not our wants. We’ll take the time to carefully identify your dealership’s specific requirements, discuss the environment with your IT manager, and honor your unique business culture.