The Security Operations Center is open and here to help!

The Security Operations Center (SOC) is a vital component of our ongoing security monitoring and response activities for cyber threats against dealerships across North America, and now it's open! See how Proton and the new SOC are keeping you safe.

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The Latest FTC Update: What to do now and how to stay safe

The FTC has recently added an amendment to its Safeguards Rule, which will require non-banking institutions, including dealerships, to report data breaches affecting 500 consumers or more. What does that mean for you?

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Conditional Access: The key to cyber success

For cyber attackers today, it’s more lucrative than ever to gain access to your email.  The unfortunate news for your dealership is that access to cloud based email, such as Microsoft 365, is far easier to gain access to versus access to dealership computers. Learn how to enable Conditional Access and safeguard against threats.

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What have we learned? Tips from a QI for a QI

While it’s completely understandable that change is difficult – especially if you’ve been doing something the same way for years – it’s important to make the right decisions for your customers and employees. Cyber criminals won’t wait on your security readiness, so it’s best to embrace the change in the short-term for better long-term results.

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