REDUCED COSTS Per-user fees are easy to budget, with no capital outlays, repairs, or upgrades.
IMPROVED SCALABILITY By tapping into Internet lines, new facilities and remote workstations are active with a click.
BETTER IT EFFICIENCY You’ve got better things to do than troubleshoot phone problems. Proton VoIP takes over your voice administrative tasks.
IMPROVED BUSINESS CONTINUITY A remote data center means your voice network has built-in back-up and recovery capabilities.


• Predictable budgets
Per-user fees provide month-to-month consistency and clarify expansion costs

• Simplified onboarding and phone mobility
Phone access through Internet feeds mean anytime, anywhere access with a click

• Streamlined voice and data collaboration
Shared network capacity over a single IP connection reduces conferencing costs

• Enhanced user experience with superior feature-set phones
Productivity boosters like one-touch call recording and desktop call manager

• 24x7x365 voice administration and support
Backed by round-the-clock certified technical support