Working with Proton Dealership IT allows your business to:

  • Avoid Dependence on Individual Freelance Consultants. For IT support, businesses often rely excessively on freelance consultants. Although freelance consultants carry less overhead than full-service support organizations and can afford to charge nominally smaller fees, they are often stretched too thin to respond quickly to urgent situations.
  • Have Access to Expertise in Complex IT Solutions. Many small service organizations or freelance consultants who cater to certain businesses may excel at providing a limited set of solutions but lack the experience and depth to deal cost-effectively with complex IT infrastructures with multiple platforms and technology vendors.
  • Build a Solid Foundation for Seamless Growth. Businesses often start with an IT system implemented on a shoestring budget. Lacking a proper foundation, an accumulation of band-aid fixes often gets piled on top of a weak foundation.

Special Benefits of Working with Proton Dealership IT.

  • Best Practices. Proton”s  team of Microsoft and Cisco qualified experts average more than a decade of real-world industry background, in the trenches of network support, executing a wide variety of IT projects for a broad mix of customers. Every Proton support professional shares a proven set of personal best practices which are combined into company-wide best practices standards that Proton Technologies teaches its support team.
  • Full Documentation of IT Services. Proton has developed a comprehensive service reporting system that records and formats detailed documentation for all delivered services. Unlike some independent consultants or local service firms who provide scant documentation or details of services done, every service provided by Proton Technologies is extensively and usefully documented.
  • Knowledge Transfer. Proton is committed to information transfer from support experts to customers. By teaching customers to handle problems that are within their scope, we can focus on providing high-value skills where we have few competitors.