Protontechs Technologies Cloud services allow you to outsource your entire IT operation, easily adapt to growth or contraction, reduce your capital expenditures, and respond quickly to new market conditions. If you are looking for this kind of flexibility, you’re ready to be an innovator. And you’re ready for cloud provider, Protontechs Technologies.

Working in the Cloud frees you to request access to applications through Protontechs Technologies only when you need them, saving you thousands on software purchases, development costs and licensing fees. For example, if you want to cut costs by moving to an e-billing system, the expenses of traditional technology may well exceed any savings. However, if you opt to partner with cloud provider, Protontechs Technologies , you will pay for e-billing services as you use them, via the Cloud– anytime, anywhere, anyhow– realizing immediate and permanent cost savings.

This is the Cloud

Cloud Computing unleashes the power of the Internet by enabling users to cost effectively access all their IT resources anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

10 things you’ll never have to do again with Protontechs Technologies Cloud Services Solutions:

  1. Throw away thousands of dollars on hardware and software
  2. Worry about running out of disk space
  3. Back up a file to tape
  4. Spend hours updating software and licenses
  5. Miss business opportunities because your IT function can’t grow and adapt quickly
  6. Face scrutiny over having too many capital vs. managed expenditures
  7. Send an email about impending downtime for software or server upgrades
  8. Deal with lost data from a worm or virus
  9. Call for technical support only to hear the message, “Our normal hours of operation are…”
  10. Waste the first 30 minutes of your day deleting spam emails

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Computing and cloud storage are not new concepts, but rather has emerged as a result of the acceptance of the internet as a viable platform, the adoption of standards, most recently services oriented architecture (SOA), and the virtualization and commoditization of technology and services. With its 10-year history as an application service provider (ASP) delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, Cetrom is successfully delivering information technology solutions via the cloud to thousands of users around the globe.

Protontechs Technologies is at the forefront of Cloud Computing, offering its customers access to market-leading standard applications, hosted versions of their own homegrown systems, and traditional system maintenance activities via the Cloud. Customers access these services through a ‘utility’ pricing model so that they pay only for the resources needed. This ease of access is breaking down barriers for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to become highly flexible, and ready to rapidly scale business operations to meet customer and market requirements. Unlike other IT service providers, Protontechs Technologies works with its customers to create an end-to-end, Cloud-based IT solution selecting standard applications, virtualizing legacy systems, supporting hybrid computing environments, and building long term migration plans.