Disaster Recovery Services

Proton Technologies offers a full range of disaster recovery services for information systems—from remote backup and storage services to full multiple data center mirroring (hot-site and cold-site).

 Virtualization in the Cloud

Our backup system supports disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity initiatives by enabling you to implement a DR solution with fewer servers, saving money and time. With our system you will:

  • Recover nearly instantaneously (vs. hours or days) from hardware failures
  • Access a fully redundant and enterprise infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining your own secondary site
  • Take advantage of technology experts and avoid the resources, hassle and expense required for ongoing systems management

Server Backup and Recovery

  • All of your organization’s data residing on servers (your organization’s or ours) is backed up to a secure offsite facility, eliminating costly maintenance and upkeep and ensuring your data is secure and easily accessible when needed.
  • We perform server backups automatically and regularly and store them on a fault tolerant, expandable storage area network (featuring RAID 5 disk array with hot swappable spare drives).
  • You are quickly notified if there’s a server data backup failure for any reason. If there is a need, we can restore data or spin up a virtual version of your server allowing employees to continue working.

Our data centers are secure, redundant and SAS 70 type II compliant. Learn more about how they are ideal for supporting your DR and business continuity requirements.

Desktop & Laptop Data Backup and Recovery

  • Minimize data loss risk through automatic backup of desktops and laptops; requires no user or IT intervention.

Backup works in the background using minimal resources, so users can keep working while backups are running. Automatic, non-intrusive online backups are scheduled to run when it’s most convenient for your organization, without user or IT intervention. Backups are encrypted, using government-level 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and stored in our data centers, so you know they’re secure and always available.

  • Easily recover data by any user, any time and from anywhere, saving valuable user and IT time

With our Desktop and Laptop Data Backup and Recovery service, you can instantly retrieve lost or damaged files. If users need to recover information—from a single file to an entire system—they can access the data anywhere, anytime.

  • Desktop & Laptop Data Backup and Recovery is a standard part of our IT Management  platform.